10-Session Package

Heeding the call, starts now.

Like most important things in life that require change – commitment and an insurmountable amount of courage are needed to achieve the things we want to achieve.

This is especially true for healing.

As easy as we may wish it could be, resolving and healing long standing themes and issues in our lives, cannot happen overnight, or even in one session alone.

You have come to the place you are today slowly, over time, and often with much conditioning & creation beyond your control. And while it is possible to reverse engineer your current state and the realities you may be living today, it takes time, commitment, and courage. A skilled Spiritual healer, like Beth, helps those looking to create sustainable and long-term change and healing in their lives, feel comfortable, safe, and confident in themselves as they embark on their journeys back to remembering who they truly are – beyond their wounded perspectives and life’s adversities.

Using Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicines, Beth is able to access a deeper level of consciousness, timelines, belief systems, karma, ancestral patterns, contract, covenants, agreements, and the impact all of that has on how you think, what you do, what you feel, and how you live your life.

Due to Beth’s schedule and preference of working with only a small group of people at a time; working with her requires a commitment, dedication, and investment of 10 weekly sessions. After which, single sessions are available, as need be.

CONTACT Beth to find out more or to start working with her on your healing journey, today!