Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation

Half, Full, or Multi-Day Workshops

Discover the many benefits and tools of mindfulness and meditation, through a variety of individual and group exercises aimed at relieving stress, anxiety and workplace burnout.

Empower your workforce by building a greater sense of community and motivation.

Investing in the wellbeing of your company, helps your employees and leaders to:

  • Communicate mindfully
  • Practice self-care
  • Maintain better work/life balance
  • Enhance mental and emotional resilience
  • Elevate productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Fortify organizational morale
  • Reduce employee burnout
  • Increase motivation and focus
  • Improve interpersonal and working relationships

Imagine a workplace where your leaders communicate mindfully, respectfully and with greater compassion.

Now imagine that mindful ease of communication rippling down to your employees as you guide them with your balanced presence and motivation, inspiring your entire team to work with increased energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

How might that feel to you and everyone on your team?

What effects might that have on your overall productivity?

Struggling to figure out how to help support your team so that they experience less stress and greater purpose and motivation at work?

Maybe your organization is experiencing an increase in absenteeism or professional efficacy. Or maybe you are losing employees to the many exhaustive effects of workplace burnout.

Did you know that in 2022, 89% of workers experienced burnout within the past year, with up to 40% of them inevitably leaving their jobs?

The good news is, with 80% of professionals feeling like their employers aren’t doing enough to prevent and alleviate burnout from their jobs, you have the opportunity to change that statistic in your workplace, to be a  leading example in the long-term effects and benefits of supporting the wellness of your team.

The solution?  Offering Mindfulness and Meditation Wellness Programs for your workers.

Mindfulness and Meditation are century old practices that have been proven to help build greater resiliency and relaxation in our minds, and our lives.  In fact, research done by neuroscientists at Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, demonstrates that positive changes in brain activity in people who learn to meditate remains even when they are not meditating.

Mindfulness and Meditation helps to fortify our ability to be more in control of our reactions and how things affect us, even amid the constant influx of stress and chaos.

Such practices can help leaders and employees focus on their tasks with greater ease, master peak levels of anxiety, and be able to recharge on their own when things become overly busy or stressful.

These many benefits can have a powerful ripple effect in the potential reduction of sick days, increased productivity, and overall boost in employee motivation and trust.

By offering my Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation workshops to your organization and its employees, you not only help to demonstrate a deep sense of value in your workforce enhancing morale and building greater trust in your company and its leaders, but by caring for the individual wellbeing of each employee, you take greater care for the wellbeing of your organization as a whole.

Beth Sturdevant is an expert mindfulness and meditation educator who specializes in working with corporations and organizations that want to increase productivity, fortify mental well-being, and establish greater trust and communication amongst their employees and leaders.

Unlike other mindfulness and meditation facilitators, Beth Sturdevant’s combined expertise and knowledge as CEO and Founder of her own company, 7+ years as a private practicing wellness coach, consultant, and Reiki Master offers her clients a balanced and wholistic approach to health and wellness both individually and in the workplace.

Working with Beth in her Corporate MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION workshops, enhances self-mastery of stress and anxiety, expands creativity, strengthens mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and increases compassionate communication throughout the workplace.

Beth has offered her services as a mindfulness & meditation educator and wellness coach for the Canadian Armed Forces, medical Health Care Clinics in Ottawa (Canada), Pathfinders Canada, Addictions Centres, as well as her own privately run programs for women and teens.


Half-Day Workshop (3 hours)

Full-Day Workshop (6 hours)

Multi-Day Workshop (9+ hours)

Working with Beth has brought back so much clarity. Beth’s approach is grounded and free of nonsense, it integrates simplicity and compassion. Her voice conveys her energy and confidence, and her intuition is finely tuned. I strongly recommend you work with Beth. She will support and guide you on your journey to your own best self.

Anna, Government Worker