Private Healing Sessions

Spiritual Healing – Energy Medicine

As a Spiritual Healer and Energy Medicine Worker, people often describe private sessions with me as being

ultimate peace for their mind, heart and soul; calming their anxieties while stopping the “hamster wheel” of thoughts that run rampant inside their mind.

If you landed on this page, consider that you may be here for a reason.

Maybe you’re struggling with something specific, or perhaps you don’t know what it is you need.

When you are ready to end the cycles and move beyond suffering, I am here to help you believe in yourself and remember what you are truly capable of.

*Private sessions run 60 minutes in length.
*In order to heal major themes in your life completely, working together for 10 weekly sessions is highly recommended.

What are sessions like? What can I expect?

While every session is unique and varies depending on the major theme(s) you need to heal, we always start our time together with a brief conversation about how you are feeling and what your concerns are, so that I am able to track the root cause of whatever it is you are experiencing and the best course of actions to take while working together.

While in session, I use any information shared with me in confidence, to better understand and intuit what themes need the most focusing on and healing in our session(s). Some issues can be resolved in one session, deeper ones need more time and consistency to heal the many roots of them.

Once I have a greater understanding as to what you need the most help with, you will be invited to lie down on a healing table (much like a massage table) or sit in a chair – whichever feels more comfortable to you at the time.
In each session, you are 100% aware of everything that is happening and in complete control of your experience.
With your full consent and permission – sometimes I offer light physical contact to areas that are blocked, sometimes I talk and give intuitive information as I receive it, sometimes we work together as I lead you on a guided Shamanic journey, and sometimes I am completely silent doing work on my own. Every aspect of what I do is focused on the healed outcome of what you it is you want and need at the time.

Each session lasts about an hour, and can vary as to the experience of them. Some people fall asleep, some people have emotions, some people feel a lot, some people don’t feel anything. Either way, you will receive and heal what you need to receive and heal.
You are unique in who you are, your journey, and what brought you here; your experience of healing and coming back to the truth of who you are – beyond all the traumas, the fears, the suffering – is unique as well. It is my job to help you navigate that journey for yourself in the ways that you need, so you can start to live your life with greater peace, prosperity, and joy.

Booking a Session

Given the nature of Beth’s work, and her ability to help people any where across the world; all private sessions are facilitated online or over the phone.


How did you start doing what you do?

This form of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Work came to me through my own need of it – at a time in my life where I had lost all hope, tried many different forms of therapies, and had come to a point where I felt like I was broken beyond repair. Having continued to search for help in traditional ways, to no avail, I finally reached a point of no return; where I could no longer go on as I was.

It was at that point where I was introduced to the teachings of a local Algonquin Shaman (Energy Medicine Worker), who offered courses in alternative and holistic healing unlike anything I had experienced or tried before.

While I was apprehensive of it at first, and questioned if this type of healing would actually work (on me), for whatever reasons I felt called to register for his 2-year Angel Fire Spiritual and Energetic Healing course. It was through the consistent demonstrable results that allowed me to not only experience, but trust and believe in this type of healing work.

After practicing and studying this modality of healing for 2-years, continuously experiencing nothing short of miraculous effects on myself and my other classmates, I decided to further pursue my passions and talents in this type of healing even further – taking another 5 years of intensive and expert training in Shamanism, Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Work, as well as Quantum Shamanic Reiki, with my mentor Pete Bernard of the 8th Fire School of Shamanism.

This work continues to humble me in how it works and the effects it has on the hundreds of people I see. It is a great honor for me to be able to extend my expertise and my gifts in this area, to those who seek it.

How are your sessions different that other forms of traditional therapy?

While I am not a psychologist or a medical professional and does not offer medical advice of any kind, through my extensive studies and practices in Spiritual Healing, Energy Medicine, and Shamanism, I am able to go beyond verbal communication and conscious understanding of issues. Using a combination of these ancient and modern practices, I am able to safely access the subconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding of how issues and problems may be presenting themselves.

Much like a garden, on the surface we see the results of what is below, it is my job to go below what you may think, see, and feel, to access the root of what it is causing you to experience what you are experiencing.

It is there that I am better able to resolve and heal things at a deeper level, often resulting in faster and more long-term effects of many deep mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

Beth has an incredible gift of being able to zero in on someone’s hurt or pain. Through a process that you can only really understand if it’s experienced directly, she delivers healing and the opportunity for introspection – which further assists you in understanding and even more healing. Beth is an outstanding and impressive force in this world. It has truly been a privilege to receive her help.

Rob, Mortgage Broker
I had 4 sessions with Beth and two days after the 4th. session; something miraculous, for me happened; a morning cough that I have had to dealt with for over 20 years and at times lasted up to an hour completely disappeared; gone! This goes to show you when your emotional, mental, and spiritual, parts of yourself are in tune, then your physical part of your body seems to follow. Beth has a caring, gentle way about her, which always helps with this kind of treatment.
Barry, Dancer

I cannot recommend Beth enough! Everything about her makes you feel welcome, recognized, heard, and safe. Beth’s focus is not on “why” something has happened, but on healing and moving forward. She handles sensitive topics with grace and kindness, which puts you at ease.  Something I truly appreciate is that Beth never “suggests” anything; she simply listens to you and helps you find the answers within.

Jason, Veteran, CAF

The first time I saw Beth, I was a little scared. I wasn’t sure how someone could help me. But with her, I instantly felt safe. Slowly, I have built my self esteem back up, and I’ve rediscovered a strength that I’d forgotten I had inside of me. Beth respects your limits and there is never any judgment. With Beth’s help, I found my inner warrior and I became a stronger, more confident person.

Caroline, Registered Nurse Practitioner