Multi-Day (9+ hours) Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

Congratulations on taking the first step to choosing this foundational Multi Day Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop for yourself and your team.

I am happy you are here, and looking forward to working with you and your organization in establishing a deeper state of calmness, peace of mind and greater productivity where it’s needed most, with the people who help make your company and your projects a success!

Together, you will learn valuable tools that you can use to practice relaxation and stress-reduction techniques at home and at work.

The practice of mindfulness & meditation at work and as an organization, even if for only 1 minute a day, can greatly impact your ability to work more efficiently, have greater focused energy, and improve your overall stress levels both individually and as a team.

This multi-day (9+ hour) workshop has been carefully curated for you and your team members to be able to support, assist, and guide you through the often intimidating world of mindfulness, especially when it comes to working with others.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer you and your organization not only skillful ways to manage and regenerate yourself from the many negative effects of stress, anxiety, and potential workplace burnout, but the ability to be able to help others manage them too. This essential focus on the health and wellness of your leaders and team members, can have a magnitude of positive ripple effects throughout your company, increasing the productivity of your organization while improving communication and working relationships.

During this multi-day workshop, you and your team will:

  • Gain a better understanding of why mindfulness and meditation work, and how regular meditation can help establish emotional well-being and greater mental clarity for your entire team
  • Practice 4 different methods of meditation allowing for a deeper connection to whichever method works best for you as an organization and individually at home
  • Experience different breathwork and mindfulness exercises to aid in greater relaxation & stress reduction
  • Receive worksheets and resources to use as inspiration to help build regular habits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Practice active and compassionate listening, helping to create greater awareness and understanding in support of creating open and judgement free communication amongst team member
  • Understand the importance of perception and how your current thoughts and beliefs influence and impact your experiences in the moment, especially when it comes to your ability to communicate compassionately with others
  • Practice the effects of toxic versus positive energy, and how that impacts your environment and the people around you
    Learn how to connect to your own source of renewable energy, so that you can remain calm and recharged when meeting deadlines and facing potentially stressful situations, helping you stay more grounded and focused on the important things you need to stay focused on
  • Private One-on-One sessions with Beth for all employees to better work on private concerns that may be causing you stress and anxiety, helping to support and sustain a greater sense of cohesiveness, compassion, and communication collectively as an organization and as a team. *all private sessions are 100% confidential

Given the in-depth and more personalized aspects of this multi-day mindfulness and meditation program, the length of time required is dependent upon the size of your organization and those taking part in the workshops.

To start, we begin working on mindfulness and meditation together as a team for 6-hours, followed by multiple days of one-on-one sessions with each individual team member, ending with one final 3-hour group session together, practicing and implementing all of the positive changes and experiences collectively as a team.

Working with Beth has brought back so much clarity. Beth’s approach is grounded and free of nonsense, it integrates simplicity and compassion. Her voice conveys her energy and confidence, and her intuition is finely tuned. I strongly recommend you work with Beth. She will support and guide you on your journey to your own best self.

Anna, Government Worker