Beth Sturdevant’s guidance and healing expertise have been transformative on my spiritual and healing journey. When I was overwhelmed by my feelings and thoughts, Beth helped me navigate through mental and emotional blockages, significantly improving my day-to-day life. Her intuitive approach and deep understanding enabled me to release internalized issues, reconnecting me with my authentic self.

Beth’s professionalism, grounded nature, and shamanic healing talents are truly remarkable. The healing sessions were profound, and I experienced unexpected benefits that reinforced my belief in the healing process. Beth’s unhurried, attentive approach made the entire experience effortless and deeply impactful.

I am grateful to Beth for helping me rediscover my confidence and for guiding me through my healing journey. She is not just a healer but also a mentor who genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being. Thank you, Beth, for your incredible work and for making a positive difference in my life. –

Luvy M. (Government Worker)

Within the first sessions with Beth I quickly let go of any expectations I had in this adventure. With trust and openness, I let her guidance help me find a deeper knowledge of myself as she led me on a path of self discovery, self love and gentle healing. It is with a growing belief and trust in my own unique powerful soul, that I feel I have grown and come to a better understanding of who and where I am in relation to the universe. My perception of life and how I react to events have evolved, and continue to do so in the aftermath of these sessions. I feel I now see doors, opportunities and possibilities with more clarity, curiosity and openness than before, as I pursue my journey in this life. Thank you Beth!

Fritz L (Singer-songwriter, Artist, Teacher)

I had 4 sessions with Beth and two days after the 4th. session; something miraculous, for me happened; a morning cough that I have had to deal with for over 20 years and at times lasted up to an hour completely disappeared; gone! This goes to show you when your emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of yourself are in tune, then your physical part of your body seems to follow. Also Beth has a caring, gentle way about her, which always helps with this kind of treatment.

Barry M (Performing Artist)

The help I received from Beth was transformational. From our very first session, I noticed a progressive shift in myself. When I first started working with Beth, I was extremely anxious and in a depressive state most days. I allowed myself to be controlled by fear and insecurities. These days, I feel more secure within myself and have a renewed sense of purpose. Each session leaves me feeling empowered and ready to face challenges in my everyday life. I thank the Universe for bringing Beth into my life when I needed her most, and for that I am truly grateful.

Marie (Government Worker)

Beth has an incredible gift of being able to zero in on someone’s hurt or pain. Through a process that you can only really understand if it’s experienced directly, she delivers healing and the opportunity for introspection – which further assists you in understanding and even more healing. Beth is an outstanding and impressive force in this world. It has truly been a privilege to receive her help.

Rob M (Mortgage Broker)

The first time I saw Beth, I was a little scared. I wasn’t sure how someone could help me. But with her, I instantly felt safe. Slowly, I have built my self esteem back up, and I’ve rediscovered a strength that I’d forgotten I had inside of me. Beth respects your limits and there is never any judgment. With Beth’s help, I found my inner warrior and I became a stronger, more confident person.

Caroline G (Registered Nurse)

Beth was a light when I felt i was in complete darkness. She energy uplifted my spirit and her ability to heal very painful experiences gave me the strength to keep going on my healing journey. Her programs not only empowered me, but truly inspired me on my journey to heal. I have since brought things into action that i would have only continued to dream about without her help and healing.

Deanna W (Senior Naval Officer, CAF)

Beth has the uncanny ability to zero in on a problem. I always feel better after a session than when I go in, and my energy levels are higher than they have been in years. Beth is compassionate, intuitive, and fun. I highly recommend that you take that first step and meet with her.

Susan M (Grandmother & Government Worker)

I have shown up to see Beth feeling totally broken, bruised and hopeless – and when I leave, I can always feel the process of healing has begun. Beth has a very comforting voice to guide you on journeys to look within yourself. There are places within that you might not want to look, but she does it in a way that makes you feel safe.

Allison M (Registered Veterinary Technician)

After only a few sessions with Beth, I am already feeling more grounded than I have ever felt before. It isn’t easy taking that first step towards facing oneself and healing, but with Beth’s encouragement, compassion, and insight, she has made it easier for me to have courage and let go of my fear. Beth has been helpful in guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself. She has helped me reach self-awareness and be able to let go of the things that no longer serve me. Beth has been instrumental in allowing me to see my own unique gifts, reminding me that I am worthy and that I have my own place and purpose in this world. If you are searching for healing and feel overwhelmed with life, I would highly recommend giving Beth a call.

Jenn K (Social Worker)

Beth’s quiet power has created the safe haven I needed to find my healing path. I found the light, strength and beauty in myself that had been lost under life’s pressures. This has allowed me to move forward and heal many areas where I felt helpless and stuck. I’ve never considered myself broken, no matter how hard I had it. I’m the one that never gives up, one foot in front of the other; I just kept going no matter what. But my light had dimmer, my strength was fading, and I felt disconnected from my power. Working with Beth has brought back so much clarity, I feel like I’m finding myself once more. Beth’s approach is grounded and free of nonsense, it integrates simplicity and compassion. Her voice conveys her energy and confidence, and her intuition is finely tuned. If you need to recover or uncover your own light within, I strongly recommend you work with Beth. She will support and guide you on your journey to your own best self. Thank you, Beth, for providing me the shelter I needed to recover and strengthen my inner warrior. It’s a blessing to work with you.

Anna P (Government Procurement Specialist)

I started seeing Beth at the most difficult time of my life. I was referred to her by a good friend, who had told me about her “rock star” status. When I met her, I knew what my friend meant! Beth is a true healer. You can see and feel it. She oozes kindness and empathy. After just one session, I had so much energy and felt much better than I had in months. I could finally start seeing the light and the cloud lifting. The follow up sessions helped to delve deeper into my healing and forced me to look inside myself to find the pain, face it, and deal with it in a gentle yet powerful way. This was all towards the ultimate goal of what Beth described as “shining my light brightly”. Outside of the sessions, Beth is there, seeing how you are, providing resources and just checking in. That is also part of the healing; to know that as someone who is struggling, there is a gentle voice guiding and caring about you. I truly believe that today I am on my path to full recovery because of Beth, and I am very grateful.

Shelina M (Communications Specialist)