Beth Sturdevant

Healing Arts Practitioner. Shamanic Spiritual Healer. Certified Reiki Master.
Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator.


Beth is a Healing Arts Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Quantum Shamanic Reiki Master, who, through navigating the adversities of her own life’s journey has found greater purpose and peace in her life and made it her mission to help others do the same.

She is a compassionate and dedicated resource for those needing to heal from trauma, overcome obstacles, face their fears and empower themselves—to live with greater purpose and meaning in their lives again.

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Life has its fair share of ups and downs.

We all deal with varying degrees of stress, uncertainty, and chaos.

Too often, we bury and distract ourselves from our unwanted emotions and feelings. This may appear to be the right solution at first, but unless they’re fully resolved, these adverse emotions often become stronger as time goes on, gathering reinforcements and support along the way.

Working with Beth is a warrior’s exploration of peace and a new healed way forward. Of facing our fears and wanting to change.

She heals the space between where people are, and where they want to be; she holds the torch and guides people along the paths of uncertainty and fear, until they feel confident, capable and strong enough to carry the torch and lead the way themselves.

Beth uses a variety of healing arts practices to best facilitate her sessions; spiritual healing, quantum shamanic reiki, mindfulness, meditation and guided visualizations, to help people resolve their pain and suffering through one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and workshops.

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Are You…

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Success Stories

Here’s what Beth’s clients are saying about working with her.

Beth is one of the most non judgemental people I have ever met. She doesn’t find any value in judging. You can just be yourself and tell her anything and you are met with 100% compassion. She is only interested in helping you to realize your greatness no matter what. She is gifted at all of the best parts of what make us human. If you need that kind of person in your life to Hold Space for you, I highly recommend Beth.

Pete Bernard, Author, Trainer, Teacher, Guide, Healer

After a lifetime of trauma and self neglect and travelling far too long down the wrong paths traditional therapies and medications had failed me. Or at least that is what I told myself….that they had failed me. It took meeting the woman who would become my healer to see that I had not only been failing myself but those around me. Learning why I needed to heal was just as important as the healing itself. Understanding that and having someone guide me through my pain instead of trying to always bury it has made the difference between living in very dark places and actually loving who I am and knowing that I am on the right path. Beth Sturdevant literally saved my life. Sometimes all it takes is a light to show you the way back….and someone to believe that you can do it.

Ice B, Tattoo Artist

Beth was a light when I felt i was in complete darkness. She energy uplifted my spirit and her ability to heal very painful experiences gave me the strength to keep going on my healing journey. Her programs not only empowered me, but truly inspired me on my journey to heal. I have since brought things into action that i would have only continued to dream about without her help and healing.

Deanna W, Senior Naval Officer, CAF

“Beth has an incredible gift of being able to zero in on someone’s hurt or pain. Through a process that you can only really understand if it’s experienced directly, she delivers healing and the opportunity for introspection – which further assists you in understanding and even more healing. Beth is an outstanding and impressive force in this world. It has truly been a privilege to receive her help.” –

Rob M, Mortgage Broker

I cannot recommend Beth enough! Everything about her makes you feel welcome, recognized, heard, and safe. She is a genuine person who wants only the best for everyone. Beth’s focus is not on “why” something has happened, but on healing and moving forward. She will work with you to identify the best way to accomplish the healing you want. Beth also handles sensitive topics with grace and kindness, which puts you at ease.  Something I truly appreciate is that Beth never “suggests” anything; she simply listens to you and help you find the answers within.

Jason T, Veteran, CAF

The first time I saw Beth, I was a little scared. I wasn’t sure how someone could help me. But with her, I instantly felt safe. Slowly, I have built my self esteem back up, and I’ve rediscovered a strength that I’d forgotten I had inside of me. Beth respects your limits and there is never any judgment. With Beth’s help, I found my inner warrior and I became a stronger more confident person.

Caroline G, Registered Nurse


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