Beth Sturdevant

Mentor. Shaman. Coach.

Using the combined practices of extensive training and certifications I have received as a holistic healer, I work with my own unique practice of “Warrior Medicine” to help you face the enemies within your heart, healing the root cause of what keeps you in conflict, and bringing you greater peace and relaxation of the mind, body, and Spirit.

Meet Beth
Beth is one of the most non judgmental people I have ever met. She doesn’t find any value in judging. You can just be yourself and tell her anything and you are met with 100% compassion. She is only interested in helping you to realize your greatness no matter what. She is gifted at all of the best parts of what make us human. If you need that kind of person in your life to Hold Space for you, I highly recommend Beth.
Pete Bernard, Teacher/Algonquin Shaman/Author

Are You…

Are You…

I started seeing Beth at the most difficult time of my life. Beth oozes kindness and empathy. After just one session, I had so much energy and felt much better than I had in months. The follow up sessions helped to delve deeper into my healing and forced me to look inside myself to find the pain, face it, and deal with it in a gentle yet powerful way. I truly believe that today I am on my path to full recovery because of Beth, and I am very grateful.
Shelina, Communications Specialist

Beth can help you.  Speak with her to find out how.


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