About Beth

Spiritual Healer. Motivational speaker. Single mother. Adventure seeker. Survivor. Host of the Spirit Warrior Podcast.

From childhood through adulthood, Beth Sturdevant has faced an ongoing string of life challenges. Abuse. Assault. Eating disorders. Divorce. Abandonment. Addiction. Even an armed home invasion and abduction while her two young children were asleep in their beds.

It is these life experiences—and her strong will to overcome them—that shaped Beth into the Spirit Warrior that she is: more resilient, powerful, authentic, and passionate about creating positive changes for herself, and the world around her.

Today, as a trauma-informed Spiritual Healer and Mindfulness Facilitator, Beth helps individuals and groups connect with, and often heal, their “warrior spirits”.

Trained extensively in Shamanism and Spiritual Healing through the 8th Fire School of Shamanism, Master certified in Reiki Energy Healing, and currently enrolled in 200+hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Pranashanti Yoga Centre, Beth has indeed created her own personal brand of therapeutics to help others discover joy, inner peace, and life’s bigger purpose.

As a mindfulness workshop facilitator, Beth teaches a variety of seminars that help men, women, and teens, better respect and honour themselves, as warriors. As a motivational speaker, she shares her personal story and inspires audiences to embrace their failures and strengthen their mental and emotional resiliency while learning to live a more authentic, purposeful life.

In addition to her enduring warrior spirit, Beth also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit too: in 2016, she founded Warriors of the Light to help strengthen and support men, women, and youth through Ottawa-based workshops, classes and events.

Beth loves staying active, and can often be found hiking mountains in the Adirondacks, camping with her dog and two boys, sparring against fellow classmates with her (Viking) sword and shield, practicing her bow & arrow skills at the archery range, or throwing axes and bowie knives at targets with her friends.

Beth has been featured in local and national media and is also the host of the soon-to-be-released Spirit Warrior Podcast.

*Beth does not offer medical or psychological advice.
Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

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