I have lived through enough storms in my life to know that we cannot control the tides or the direction of the winds, in fact the more we try, the more we drop our anchors in an effort to stay where we are – the more we risk destroying ourselves and succumbing to the effects of what’s happening around us.
Now, more than ever, we are collectively in a perfect storm, where most people can’t hide from the distractions or conveniences of life any more; where most people are living in a greater state of uncertainty and fear; where more people are faced with the realities of how they authentically feel and how long they have been avoiding the truth of their own situations.

Rather than continuing to sail against the surging storms, or wait for something else to temporarily distract you from what you fear most, why not use this time to pull up the anchor, to ride the waves, and to trust that the winds of change will take you exactly where you are meant to go – beyond the uncertainties, beyond the doubts, beyond the fears. Perhaps then you will have a clearer understanding of who you truly are, what you are truly capable of, and where your heart truly wants to go.

You are only as strong as the hardest thing you’ve been through.
Don’t waste this precious opportunity by waiting for things to go back to “normal”; go deep into the belly of your whale, conquer the dragons of your fears, and you will come out stronger, more resilient than before. Find opportunity in this gift of change the world is going through, to truly ebb & flow through the storms that have been forming within you for so long, desperately trying to guide you in the direction you are truly meant to go.

You are braver than you feel.
Pull up your anchors and flow, Warrior, flow!