Amongst all of the chaos, uncertainty, and turmoil happening around the world, taking the time to REST and DIGEST what you are feeling is more important now, than ever before.

As a self-employed, entrepreneur, full-time single mother of two boys, I know what it means to be (and stay) busy; the constant deadline of responsibilities and tasks that need to be completed, and the endless lists of to-do’s that keep you tied to your obligations at hand.
I too find the high of being busy an insatiable hunger that helps me feel productive in all that I do.
I too fight the undercurrent of unrealistic expectations that keep me moving forward in all that I am “suppose” to be.

But the truth is, our success, our joy, our strength, our courage, all need rest.
Without the equal ability to rest (and digest), to allow our bodies, our minds, and our hearts essential periods of processing; we all crash, in some way or other – even if we can’t “see” or “feel” it in the moment. Our bodies break, our emotions falter, our minds deceive us, and our hearts pull us in directions we might not otherwise (choose) to go.

Yes we all need to work, and yes we all need to have social connections, yes we all need to exercise, and yes we all need to maintain our homes; but we also all need to rest.
It might feel uncomfortable at first, it might be hard to do, and it might feel like you are being lazy. But ask yourself this; why are you uncomfortable in resting? Why is it hard to have periods of slowing down? Why do you feel lazy?

Because on the other side of those thoughts and emotions, is everything you want in life; the truth to why you aren’t thriving or living the life you (truly) want to live.

Maybe it’s time to put down your sword and REST, Warrior. REST.