Welcome to the Spirit Warrior Podcast, conversations featuring raw and inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy, overcoming adversity, and the process that often accompanies positive change, connection, and finding inner peace.

Join host Beth Sturdevant and special guests, as they discuss the steps they took towards becoming their own hero, living like a warrior, and channeling their painful experiences into positive transformation—for themselves, and the lives they touch.



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*TW: The conversations and content in these interviews may contain triggering events involving personal trauma, and at times, the recounting of upsetting experiences or disturbing imagery. Listener’s discretion is strongly advised.

Zach Porter, Audio Editing & SWP Co-Producer:

In this first introductory episode of the Spirit Warrior Podcast, host Beth Sturdevant provides an in-depth glimpse into what it means to be a Spirit Warrior, how each and every one of us has the 'Spirit of a Warrior', and why this podcast and its raw and inspirational stories are important in helping people find the strength within themselves to overcome adversity through positive growth and change.

Pete Bernard is an Algonquin from the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in Golden Lake, Ontario.

In this episode we discuss some of the adverse events that helped shape Pete’s life, our potential - as humans - to evolve and grow through trauma, and the incredible teachings he has to offer as a 'Spirit Warrior', author, educator, and healer.

Michael is a Father of 2, and the Lead Pastor at Community Life Church as well as the owner and kickboxing instructor for CREED Martial Arts. 

In this episode we talk about overcoming our limiting beliefs, and how inner strength, faith, and living like a warrior can help us push through the inner and outer obstacles in life, and allow us to become better people.

Michael's journey in life and passion in Martial Arts, lead him to his path as a Pastor, but also in helping to save himself from his battle with Lupus.

In this podcast episode, Sarah Cross shares with us her journey through child abuse & starvation, being made to sleep in chicken coops, living in Foster Care, struggles with alcoholism, and eventually finding the strength within herself to break free from the cages of her past, freeing her to become the powerful business leader and spirit warrior that she is today.

This intimate and powerful modern-day Cinderella story about overcoming adversity and finding self-love, despite growing up in a world of chaos and trauma, offers us all inspiration to believe in ourselves and the strength that we hold inside.

Lynda Heyden-Carroll joins us in this episode of the Spirit Warrior Podcast, to share her story of finding happiness and joy beyond grief and despair, after the sudden loss of her father to suicide, and the tragic death of her teenage daughter in a boating accident.

Lynda’s moving story of the power of forgiveness and finding inner peace after immense tragedy, is a beautiful example of the strength and capacities of our warrior spirits to celebrate and live our lives, beyond our traumas.

Vibrant single mother of 4, Christine Caron went from leading an active and healthy lifestyle, to being in a medically induced coma for one month, and having to amputate 3 and a-half-limbs all because of a small dog bite. Often known as “the dog-bite woman”, Christine, shares with us her life-altering and life-threatening experience of going into extreme Septic shock in response to a small infection, and how that put her on a mission to help educate and support others.

After her husband left her for another woman, Mony Dojeiji found herself questioning her purpose and her entire life as she knew it.

It was then that Mony decided to leave her job as a successful consultant, and go on a 2-year Pilgrimage of self-discovery on her own, to look inwards at whatever wars were raging inside of her. After walking the 800-km Camino trail, followed by the 5000-km 13 country Pilgrimage from Rome to Jerusalem, Mony finally found the inner peace and love she was always looking for.

Violinist Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz shares with us her journey of overcoming adversity having survived a devastating car crash that almost took her life and her career as a concert violinist.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alex’s long journey to recovery, not just physically, but emotionally, intellectually, and interpersonally as well, lead her to have a deeper understanding of the importance of life and to recognize her capacities to rise above other major challenges.

Singer songwriter Melanie Josee Lelievre spent most of her life searching to find her voice, and herself.  Having grown up living in constant uncertainty and fear caring for her sick and dying father, Melanie struggled to find her self-worth and personal power through eating disorders, a pornography addiction, and eventually relationships.  But it wasn’t until Melanie found the courage to stand up for herself against her rapist in court, that she finally discovered her worth and her voice, as a warrior.

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What happens if your life turns upside down because you don’t have the information or resources to find a solution?  Lieutenant Commander Rob Waller, a Senior Naval Engineer in the Royal Canadian Navy, joins host Beth Sturdevant to talk about his experiences dealing with panic attacks and anxiety, both at work and at home, and the importance of finding work-life balance in a high stressed, ever-changing environment.

Author Tanya Koller joins Beth Sturdevant to talk about how her life and the pain she experienced helped to inspire her book Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy; a fantasy story about a young woman’s journey to discovering higher consciousness and her inner warrior.

Tanya’s personal quest to finding inner peace lead her to travel the planet, participate in various mindfulness and meditation retreats with some of the top Shamans and gurus around the world, and earn a doctorate in Metaphysical Science.

In this podcast, we discuss how adversity and trauma can become fuel for purpose and passion, and help us discover what we are truly capable of.


In this episode, Randy Kakegamick, a man of Ojibwe & Cree descent, retells his childhood of living with close family and relatives who survived residential school; The traumas, his struggles with alcoholism, crime, and the intergenerational impacts of being an indigenous person of Canada. He speaks on behalf of himself, siblings and all brothers and sisters native to this land that are on the path to reconciliation and healing. Miigwetch!