Welcome to the Spirit Warrior Podcast, conversations featuring raw and inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy, overcoming adversity, and the process that often accompanies positive change, connection, and finding inner peace.

Join host Beth Sturdevant and special guests, as they discuss the steps they took towards becoming their own hero, living like a warrior, and channeling their painful experiences into positive transformation—for themselves, and the lives they touch.



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In this first introductory episode of the Spirit Warrior Podcast, host Beth Sturdevant provides an in-depth glimpse into what it means to be a Spirit Warrior, how each and every one of us has the 'Spirit of a Warrior', and why this podcast and its raw and inspirational stories are important in helping people find the strength within themselves to overcome adversity through positive growth and change.

*Beth does not offer medical or psychological advice.
Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

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