For almost a decade, Beth has facilitated workshops for countless men, women and teens throughout Canada.

Each of Beth’s popular, sought-after workshops helps participants tap into their inherent strengths and warrior-like capacities in new ways, paving their paths to living a healthier, more peaceful life, starting from the inside out.


redefining the warrior

This 8-part series co-created and co-facilitated by Beth Sturdevant and LCdr Deanna Wilson of the Royal Canadian Navy, is offered to Canadian Armed Forces members with the CAF, and examines our perspectives and understandings of the traditional warrior mindset through self-reflection, group discussions, and mindfulness practices.  


Warrior HEALING workshops

Workshops for female and 2SLGBTQ+ Canadian Forces (military) and Allied Veterans dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorders. These workshops help participants reconnect with—and heal—their warrior spirits, and are run through the Women Warrior's Healing Garden.

Warrior Women workshops

Helping women strengthen their inner warrior spirit through mindfulness, group discussions, and violence prevention techniques, aimed at helping women reclaim their ability to live more authentically and confidently, in their everyday lives.


Trauma-Sensitive Warrior Women workshops

These trauma informed workshops are aimed at helping victims of trauma reclaim their personal power while reigniting a sense of strength and hope in their lives through self-defence, violence prevention, peer support, mindfulness, and meditation.


Teen Empowerment workshops

This workshop is for boosting teenage girls’ confidence and belief in themselves, from the inside out. Girls learn a combination of self-defence and violence prevention, and benefit from mindfulness and guided meditations, all while having fun in a safe and inclusive environment.