Wellness workshops

For almost a decade, Beth has facilitated empowerment workshops for hundreds of men, women and teens throughout the Ottawa area.

Each of Beth’s popular, sought-after “Warrior” workshops focuses equally on mind, body, and spirit—ultimately motivating participants to be their fiercest, most authentic, and confident selves.


Upcoming workshops:


Warrior HEALING workshops

These workshops are for female and 2SLGBTQ+ Canadian Forces (military) and Allied Veterans dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorders. Facilitated by Beth, these workshops help participants reconnect with—and heal—their inner warrior spirits, guiding them back “home” to the truth and heart of who they are, as warriors.


This workshop is affiliated with programming offered through the Women Warriors’ Healing Garden.

Previous workshops includE:

Warrior Women workshops

Helping women strengthen their inner warrior spirit through mindfulness, group discussions, and violence prevention techniques, aimed at helping women reclaim their ability to live more authentically and confidently, in their everyday lives.


Shieldmaiden workshops

By learning to use the mighty Sword and Shield, women are transformed into modern-day Shieldmaiden warriors—powerful, forceful, and of strong mind and body.

This workshop is divided into two aspects. Participants engage in safe, fun
physical training with Viking-inspired swords and shields, mixed with modern-day practical self-defence techniques. This is then followed by introspection, mindfulness exercises and group discussions aimed at strengthening and fortifying women’s minds and hearts, helping them to become more resilient in all aspects of themselves as Women Warriors.

Trauma-Sensitive Warrior Women workshops

These trauma informed workshops are aimed at helping victims of trauma reclaim their personal power while reigniting a sense of strength and hope in their lives through self-defence, violence prevention, peer support, mindfulness, and meditation.

Strong Orange Violence Prevention workshops

Women and teens learn the basics of practical self-defence and violence prevention, boosting their confidence in their ability to protect themselves should they ever be in a compromised situation.

Teen Empowerment workshops

This workshop is for boosting teenage girls’ confidence and belief in themselves, from the inside out. Girls learn a combination of self-defence and violence prevention, and benefit from mindfulness and guided meditations, all while having fun in a safe and inclusive environment.

*Beth does not offer medical or psychological advice.
Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

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