Warrior Transformation© Workshop

Warrior Compass Enterprises

Royal Canadian Logistics Officer Lieutenant Commander Deanna Wilson and Spiritual Healer / Mindfulness Coach Beth Sturdevant guide participants through a 4-hour workshop in search of a deeper understanding of adversity and how we can overcome it. Together, Beth and Deanna help individuals navigate the warrior landscape of their minds through group discussion, mindfulness, meditation, creative activities and archery (location permitting).

By diving deep into the narrative of your warrior journey we discuss what Beth and Deanna describe as the Warrior Spectrum; one’s ability to balance the strength and resiliency needed to thrive in life.

To have a better understanding of what is required in order to actualize your undefeated warrior spirit, in this workshop we help you gain a clearer connection to what that means to you as an individual. Through meditation and imagination we reinforce this understanding and connection to better help you embody your capacities and inspire a deeper warrior transformation.

This workshop is offered to; leaders and active members in the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, Survivors, RCMP, Police Forces, Firefighters, Paramedics, and any organization looking to explore deeper aspects of connecting with, and transforming, their Warrior Spirit.

What you’ll gain:

  • deeper connection and awareness of your capacities to overcome adversity
  • increased confidence and strengthened sense of self
  • clearer understanding of your direction in life
  • greater feelings of inner harmony

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