Valhalla Centre for Strength and Resilience



At Valhalla Centre for Strength and Resilience, we celebrate ourselves as warriors, here on earth; a real-life place where we can all heal our wounds and restore ourselves to full health and harmony – both individually, and around the world. Inspired by the great Sagas of Norse Mythology, Valhalla is a place of celebration, a place of honoring, a place of nurturing and healing the warrior within us all, which transcends all belief systems and cultures.
At Valhalla Centre for Strength and Resilience, it is not about where you come from, but the heart of who you truly are that connects and heals us all.

Our Mission is to provide programming, services, and a welcoming community that strengthens and nurtures the warrior within us all.

Our Vision is to build a growing community whose primary focus is on bridging perceived differences, strengthening ourselves and others, and helping to build inner and outer resiliency in life so we can all live in greater harmony.

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