The Karma Sessions

ONLINE, 8- 9pm EST

The Karma Sessions are our ability to resolve Karmic or “past-life issues”, and heal the stories that live inside of us. Healing Karma is one of the most powerful gifts of Medicine Work (Shamanism).

In this group session which lasts an hour, the healer (Beth) will guide you in working with the stories that live inside of your sub-conscious mind, to fully resolve karmic patterns and themes so that they no longer affect you. In Medicine Work (Shamanism) and Spiritual Healing, Karma is carried forward portions of the past that need resolution through healing, awareness, consciousness, and right actioning (changes).

These Karma Sessions run monthly until November 2022, and are a powerful way of resolving key themes in your life that may be affecting you, making way to a stronger more resilient 2023.

You do not have to do them in sequence, it is ok to miss some and begin where you are.

Each monthly Karma Session will focus on resolving one key karmic theme at a time. These themes include; abundance, relationship challenges, misuse of power, highest potential, persecution for being successful, health challenges, personal suffering, and self-worth.


April 4 (completed) – Lifetime where you had the most significant relationship challenges

May 2 (completed) – Lifetime where you misused your power/gifts because you didn’t know any better

June 6 – Lifetime where you were persecuted for being powerful or gifted

July 11 – Lifetime where you struggled the most with prosperity & abundance

Aug 8 – Lifetime where you had the most significant health challenges

Sept 12 – Lifetime where you had the most significant self-worth challenges

Oct 3 – Lifetime where you suffered the most

Nov 7 – Lifetime where you were most powerful and used that power for the highest service to all life

NOTE: The Karmic Sessions are not past-life regression. None of what we do is “reliving” of the past, but is the safe exploration and resolution of the stories that are replaying inside of your sub-conscious mind, stories which affect how you may think, what you may do, and how you manifest things in your life. Throughout each session, you will always be in control.

This workshop is for self-development purposes only. Personal results may vary based on individual practices and experiences.  Beth is not a  mental health practitioner, and does not offer any medical diagnosis or help. Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.