Services ~ One-on-one Sessions

If you landed on this page, consider that you may be here for a reason.

Maybe you’re struggling with something specific, or perhaps you’re being called to do something bigger, better, or greater.

As I found out for myself, the act of healing or rediscovering your inner warrior is how you’re able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

It’s how you’ll be able to improve every area of your life and thrive—the way you were born to.

I have helped not only myself heal and come to peace, but countless others get to the root cause of their emotional pain, face their inner demons, and heal the suffering from their lives.

Your warrior spirit is alive within you, it’s time to reawaken it.

There are a variety of ways to work with me.

Whether you’re seeking more energy, confidence, or trying to resolve emotions in your life that keep you stuck, we will work together, side by side, to help you reclaim and heal the warrior inside of you.

1 Session

Great for returning clients or people wishing to try Shamanic Spiritual / Energetic Healing.

What you’ll gain:

  • A chance to experience a highly effective healing therapy
  • Rejuvenation of energy & hope
  • Opportunity to reconnect with your inner strength
  • Shamanic insight into what is causing you stress & distress
  • Returning vital aspects of yourself that have been lost or forgotten
  • Reconnection with a displaced or wounded sense of personal power
  • Greater understanding of your soul’s journey & purpose
  • And more


  • 1 private healing session
  • 60 minutes long
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3 Sessions One-on-One Package

This package heeds the call to exploring a new path and living the life you want to live.

What you’ll gain:

  • An opportunity to experience a highly effective form of healing and therapy
  • Relief from day-to-day stress & anxieties
  • Rejuvenation of energy & hope
  • Deep and effect long-term healing from trauma
  • A better understanding of emotions and how to process them
  • Confidence in seeing a new way forward
  • And more


  • 3 healing sessions over 6-8 weeks
  • First session is 1.5 hours long, followed by two more sessions that are up to 60 minutes each
  • $50 savings

10 Sessions One-on-One Package

This package is a true deep dive into the warrior’s journey, healing of their wounded spirit, and finding direction in life. 100% of clients who work consistently one-on-one with Beth for 10 sessions see significant improvements with depression, anxiety, low self-worth, lack of motivation, restlessness, disrupted sleep patterns, and more.

What you’ll gain:

  • Comfort in having someone to ask questions to when you feel stuck
  • Clarity on what you need to know and where you need to go
  • Renewed sense of hope
  • Relief from the many debilitating effects of trauma
  • Freedom to be you
  • Resolution of inner conflicts, anger and fear
  • Healthier life habits and choices
  • Feeling of inner peace, calm and resolution
  • Better sleep and feeling less burdened
  • Strength and confidence in your capacities to create the changes you need in life
  • Renewed understanding of greater purpose and joy
  • Motivation and increased energy to keep going or achieve your dreams
  • And more


  • 10 healing sessions over 5 months
  • First session is 1.5 hours long, followed by 9 more sessions that are up to 60 minutes each
  • Unlimited voxer access during the length of the 5 months
  • Resources and meditations to help support you on your new path forward
  • $250 savings