Services ~ One-on-one Sessions

There are a variety of ways to work with me.

Whether you’re seeking more energy, confidence, or trying to resolve emotions that keep you living in fear or stuck, we will work together, side by side, to help you resolve what’s causing you mental or emotional pain and find greater harmony in your life.

If you landed on this page, consider that you may be here for a reason.

Maybe you’re struggling with something specific, or perhaps you don’t know why you’re here.

As an advanced healing arts practitioner and mindfulness / meditation facilitator, I have helped countless people get to the root cause of their mental, emotional and spiritual pain, face whatever is keeping them in conflict within their lives and heal what’s causing them to suffer so that they may feel at peace.

It’s time to remember who you truly are and all that you are truly capable of.

Shamanic Spiritual and Energetic Healing Sessions

Regular sessions with Beth offer you;

  • Relief from day-to-day stress & anxieties
  • Rejuvenation of energy & hope
  • Intuitive insight into what is causing you stress & distress
  • Reconnection with a displaced or wounded sense of power
  • Greater understanding of your soul’s purpose
  • Deep and highly effective healing of trauma
  • Resolution and processing of unwanted emotions
  • Increased confidence and courage
  • Greater feelings of inner peace and harmony
  • Better sleep
  • Renewed sense of hope and joy
  • Increased energy
  • And more…

Clients often ask me what the “menu” options are in working with me as their Shamanic Spiritual and Energetic Healer.

Some of those options are:

  • Working with the Elements of Earth, Air, Metal, Wood and Fire
  • Removal of anesthetics and medications from the energetic bodies
  • Reconnection and intuitive with “Star People”
  • Deep energetic healing of trauma stored in the vagus nerve and amygdala’s
  • Removal of mental, emotional and spiritual pain
  • Resolution of karma and the cycles that continue to playout in our lives
  • Healing of DNA and intergenerational traumas
  • Cord cutting & Removal of Energetic bindings
  • Awaken talents and gifts inside of someone
  • House clearings / Entity removal
  • Healing of 4 major themes in life: abandonment, rejection, betrayal, self-worth
  • Chakra cleaning and re-energizing
  • Healing of grief and major transitions in life
  • Death Rites (resolutions and preparations for death / peaceful transitions)
  • Understanding, healing and shifting of wounded / limited beliefs
  • Understanding and changing life covenants, contracts and agreements
  • Healing and balancing of the nervous system
  • Help with feeling forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves and others
  • Resolving self-hate, self-dislike, self-sorcery
  • Access to Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Ancestors
  • Reuniting with a lost sense of personal power
  • Akashic Records readings (intuitive reading)
  • Healed Divination; intuitive insight and healing of any blocks
  • Energetic and karmic resolution of any pain we have caused others
  • Understanding and connecting with life plans and purpose
  • And more…