Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warrior spirit, and who has one?

Everyone has a warrior spirit. It is, put simply, the compass of your soul: the heart of who you are, and what you are capable of. Your warrior spirit saves, conquers, inspires, motivates, heals, loves, and believes. It helps you navigate your emotions. It strengthens your mind. And it’s the essence of the principles guiding your every day life.

Can Beth help me find or “HEAL” my warrior spirit?

Yes. Using a combination of Algonquin Medicine work and Energy Therapy, Beth can access your non-conscious mind, and the root issues of whatever adverse effects you may be experiencing in life, mentally, physically and/or emotionally. This ultimately helps reconnect you to the essence of who you are and strengthens you from the inside out.

What types of people does Beth help?

In terms of treatments and support, Beth helps a wide range of people experiencing various life situations. Some are military and first responders. Some are single moms, business owners, young adults, retirees, people living with addiction … the list goes on. What all clients have in common is that they each want to live a happier, healthier, more joyful life.

I have a lot of triggers. Can Beth help me with those?

In short, yes. Being triggered can often feel like a series of emotional bombs inside of you. Beth’s ultimate goal is to help you learn to navigate and defuse those triggers so that you can live a more peaceful, “trigger-proof” life.


How do sessions work? Where is Beth located?

Beth offers over the phone, Zoom, and in-person sessions out of her office in Kanata (Ontario), 430 Hazeldean Rd, #216.

Distanced sessions are facilitated to clients all around the world via Zoom.  Book a session with Beth HERE

How does this type of healing work?

First and foremost, it is all about energy and consciousness. Energy and consciousness are expansive; they have no beginning and no end, and they exist everywhere—such as within your cells. In fact, everything you experience in life, whether positive or negative, gets stored in your cellular “memories” and recorded deep within your non-conscious mind (similar to the hard drive of a computer).

As a trained and highly experienced Algonquin Medicine Worker, Spiritual Healer, and Reiki Master, Beth can “access” those negative experiences stored in your cells and in your non-conscious mind. She is able to locate them, and even identify them as the root issues of anything negative you may be experiencing today. She uses her highly effective methods and trainings to heal them, helping your body rebuild healthier cells and restructure your mind so you are no longer affected or influenced by the negative or traumatic experiences of the past.

How can Beth help me if the session is not done in-person or face-to-face?

This is a very popular question. As mentioned above, energy and consciousness are expansive—which means they can be accessed and worked on, even from a distance, using Reiki and also Journeying. During the “distanced sessions,” Beth will first take time speaking with you, to give her a better sense of the type(s) of healing she will use to get to the root of your issues. She will then work on your core issues using the many highly effective methods she is extensively trained in.

What is Shamanism, and how can it help me?

Shamanism originated in Siberia amongst the Tungus tribe and has been practiced worldwide by various cultures for centuries. Trained facilitators use this methodology to access different states of consciousness (trance)—which helps them gain insight, get to the root causes of most issues, and most importantly, heal them. Clients who receive Shamanism treatments can experience positive "miraculous" results quite quickly.

Some Shamans are known for using mind-altering substances to help themselves and their clients access the hidden parts of the non-conscious mind. However, Beth does not use any hallucinogens or mind-altering substances in her practice; in fact, she is able to achieve the same results, if not better, 100% naturally.

Beth received her medicine rites as an Algonquin Medicine Worker, and has been training since 2015, with Algonquin Midewin Pete Bernard (8th Fire School of Shamanism) of the Algonquins Pikwakanagan First Nation.
She continues to further her expertise and studies in the 8th Fire’s intermediate Medicine Work program: the Way of the Medicine Keeper, and is a Teaching Assistant for its 2021-2023 beginners online Earning the Light program.

I have only tried “traditional,” more scientifically proven therapy. What can Beth offer that they can’t?

What Beth offers is different than what a certified, licensed medical professional (like a psychologist, physician, or psychotherapist) can provide.

Often, people seek help from Beth to look deeper within, so they may take a new and unchartered path toward health, inner peace, and happiness. In essence, they are choosing to strengthen and heal themselves, with Beth as their guide.

Please know that it is 100% normal, healthy, and understandable to feel apprehensive about “alternative” wellness methods, such as Shamanism, Medicine Work and Spiritual/Energetic Healing. All you need to do is look to Beth’s clients to understand that what she does works. Check out their testimonials here to hear their personal stories, in their own words. They are incredibly inspiring.

I am currently seeing a “traditional” therapist. Is it safe to try their approach and spiritual healing at the same time? Or should I just stick to just one specialist?

Think of it this way: when you have a physical injury, you realize very quickly that you need help from a variety of experts. You will start with your GP, who may send you to any number of specialists: a chiropractor, or massage therapist, or physiotherapist … maybe even all three.

Likewise, when it comes to bringing your entire mind, body, soul, and spirit to a state of inner peace, you will not necessarily get all the support you need from just one provider.

The help and healing Beth provides can be your only support if you wish, or you may wish to combine it with other methods. If you are not sure what to do, speak with your therapist and also contact Beth regarding your specific situation. If Beth feels there are better solutions out there for you, she will be happy to recommend them.

Does Beth provide physical healing as well as spiritual HEALING?

Beth works beyond the physical expressions of our ailments and wounds, trying to understand the reasons behind why something expresses itself the way it does in our bodies. This can often affect positive changes in our cellular structures, and our nervous systems, which in many cases leads to immense feelings of rest, relaxation and peace. 

Does Beth treat depression and anxiety?

Under Beth’s guidance, many people living with mental illness have been able to access their inner warrior, aka their inner strength, and identify the root causes of their sadness and anxieties—leading to a greater sense of purpose and inner peace.

Please note: Beth does not offer medical or psychological services. Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

Do I have to talk during sessions?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve in each session.  Sometimes, people are so emotional during sessions that they are simply unable to talk. So you do not have to speak if you don’t want to.  

However, if you are comfortable discussing what is going on, Beth will gather as much insight and understanding as she can, to help determine what would be the best course of action to take in your session, to most effectively get to the root causes of whatever is troubling you.  And because Beth often works with the non-conscious mind in her sessions, she will some times lead you through guided visualizations (journey's) to better access what is really going on so that she may heal the source of what's causing you the most mental or emotional distress and pain.  

In a private session, will I feel some sort of “charge”—that is, will I actually feel energy running through me?

It differs for everyone. You may literally feel some sort of energy flow. Or, you may simply sense something changing. For example, Beth’s clients have said things at the end of a session like “I don’t know why, but my hip feels better,” or “I don’t know why, but I’m not as angry at this person anymore.” Everyone experiences their sessions in their own unique, individual way.

I’m not comfortable being touched. Does there have to be physical contact?

No. Many people have experienced trauma and do not want to be touched. The good news is that there is no end to energy because energy connects everything—even from thousands of miles away. Whatever your comfort level is, Beth will work within it.

How many sessions will I need with Beth?

It depends on the client. Generally, clients come for a series of sessions, during which Beth helps resolve all those inner conflicts and core issues you may be consciously and unconsciously fighting. However some clients come to Beth for just one session to reboot and recharge of their mental, emotional and physical energies.  Either way, Beth works with each individuals wants and needs to best support and serve them.

What are Beth’s prices?

Beth’s services are $120+hst per session (135.60)

Beth also offers sliding scale session rates for clients who may not be able to afford the full fee. To learn more about that option, please contact Beth directly.